The Truth About Addiction


Addiction is not a character flaw and it most definitely is not a choice.

Addiction is a biopsychosocial phenomenon that results in negative consequences and feelings of shame and guilt. Biological, psychological, and social factors culminate into a dependent relationship to a substance or compulsive behavior as a means of coping with distressing emotional, psychological, and environmental states.

More specifically, addiction is characterized by several criteria:

  1. the inability to resist an urge to consume a substance or engage in a behavior that is harmful
  2. an increase in tension or arousal before the act, followed by gratification and relief
  3. a noticeable  increase in amount and frequency of the act in order to achieve the desired effect (e.g. pleasure or escape)
  4. over-investment of resources, such as time and money, to engage in the act
The  emotions associated with addiction are one of the most notable elements. Shame, guilt and powerlessness are hallmarks of addiction and often lead to feelings of self-loathing and isolation. Individuals suffering from addiction are often misunderstood by their families and loved ones, causing them to lie and keep secrets.

This website offers information about addiction, drugs, and compulsive behaviors, including the latest news and research. Resources for people with an addiction and their loved ones can also be found here.


Informing yourself can be the first step in gaining power over your addiction.


One thought on “The Truth About Addiction

  1. “You recover because you were never really addicted, you drink because you are a drunk, if you use substances to medicate mental illness then you’re not an addict (but you can never use again even if the issues have been resolved), you cannot blame anyone for your addiction but yourself, but can I ask “were you sexually abused when you were a child?”

    I cannot tell you the number of paradoxes, ironies, circular reasoning and faulty logic that the field is plagued with, and this is coming from the “experts” or those on the front lines working with the addicts … its populated with those who cannot see the forest for the trees.. behavior is purposeful and creative and it is up to the experts to figure out what that is .. or, as Jim Morrison of the Doors said “everyone is looking for something sacred”, and using was my sacred thing.

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