The Conditioning Power of Orgasm

The role of orgasm includes more than just procreation and partner bonding. Orgasm is also a powerful reinforcement of the behaviors and stimuli that elicit the response. Classical conditioning theory can help explain this process. You’ve probably heard of Pavlov’s dog experiment, but just in case you haven’t: Pavlov rang a bell before feeding the Read more about The Conditioning Power of Orgasm[…]

Put this in your shot glass and inhale it!

 Watch out, America! The Vaportini is coming to a store near you. That’s right, why drink alcohol when you can INHALE it? All jokes aside, this method of consuming alcohol can be extremely dangerous. Apparently researchers create alcohol addiction in rats by exposing them to the vapor (they don’t like the taste of alcohol). Not Read more about Put this in your shot glass and inhale it![…]

Circumcision of the brain?

Physicians in China performed brain surgeries to treat opiate addiction by destroying the nucleus accumbens, the pleasure center of the brain. The procedure is called stereotactic ablation of the nucleus accumbens, which means brain tissue is burned away. Although the procedure was banned in 2004, surgeries continued in the name of research. The hope was Read more about Circumcision of the brain?[…]

Drug Tolerance Explained

Our brain thrives on novelty and dopamine helps us store information about novel situations.  We know that dopamine is released when we receive a reward, but it is also involved in noting unexpected rewards. If you get more juice than you anticipated, your brain releases dopamine and sends it to the anterior cingulate in your frontal cortex, Read more about Drug Tolerance Explained[…]

Substance Abuse Treatment Options: Getting Help

Counseling? Rehab? Support groups? How does one know where to start when it comes to choosing a substance abuse treatment program? First, you’ll want to get a formal assessment from a licensed professional to determine which treatment option is appropriate for you. Some substance abuse treatment options to consider are support groups, inpatient, and outpatient treatment. AA, NA and Read more about Substance Abuse Treatment Options: Getting Help[…]

This is your brain on dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for movement, pleasure, motivation, and cognitive processes, such as learning. For the purposes of understanding its role in addiction, let’s concentrate on pleasure and motivation. Whenever we do something that propagates the advancement of our species, dopamine is released in order to motivate repetition of the action. When we sleep, eat, and Read more about This is your brain on dopamine[…]

The Truth About Addiction

Addiction is not a character flaw and it most definitely is not a choice. Addiction is a biopsychosocial phenomenon that results in negative consequences and feelings of shame and guilt. Biological, psychological, and social factors culminate into a dependent relationship to a substance or compulsive behavior as a means of coping with distressing emotional, psychological, Read more about The Truth About Addiction[…]